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SPSOFT supplies parallel and optimized versions of Phil Green's Phrap, SWAT, and Cross_Match programs.
SPSOFT supplies parallel and optimized versions of Sean Eddy's HMMpfam.
SPSOFT also offers SPSsearch, a high-performance single and double affine Smith-Waterman search program with full BLAST-like frame translations.

SPSOFT is a leader in providing high-performance and high-throughput bioinformatics software solutions for general-purpose computer systems.

Supported Systems:
HP Tru64 Unix on Alpha.
IBM AIX on Power4, 5, &6.
Suse on Power4, 5 & 6.
Linux on IA-32 and X86_64.
SGI Altix on Itanium.
SUN Solaris on Sparc.
SUN Solaris on X86_64.

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What's New?

  • Announcing Solaris support for all SPSoft Products! Please send us some e-mail and let us know of your interest!

  • Announcing SPSsearch! - Frame search with Single affine or Double affine Smith-Waterman. World's fastest Double Affine algorithm for general purpose processors! Search options include Blastx, Blastn, Blastp, tBlastn, tBlastx. Click below for a description.

  • Announcing SPSpfam! - Accelerated versions of Sean Eddy's HMMER hmmpfam, latest version 2.3.2, available on all platforms. The fastest HMMER for Linux! 3X - 60X Performance improvement! Click below for a description.

SPSsearch - Click Here!

SPSpfam - Click Here!


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